Weirdest Speed Limit

The Ferry Ride

This summerFerry Ride , we were out and about in Hampton Roads exploring the area.  My fiancée decided to surprise me with a short day trip to the Jamestown-Scotland Ferry.  This was my first time taking a car onto a ferry!  We took the trip across on the ferry named Pocahontas.  Pocahontas, the newest of the fleet built in 1995, holds 70 cars.  You can leave your car and walk to an upper deck for a lovely view of the James River.  The photo on the right is looking back towards Scotland and my bright car stands out as we were the last to board.

The Weirdest Speed Limit

After crossing the James River and landing in Jamestown, we decided to try to find a little beach area to further explore.  Just off the ferry on the left was the entrance to Jamestown Beach Event Park.  Perfect!  I made the quick turn. Next, we pulled in and we were presented with quite the conundrum!  A speed limit of 14 ½ miles per hour!!  Just how are you supposed to allocate that extra half mile per hour?  Being a numbers person and loving
Weirdest Speed Limit things unusual I pulled the car over to be able to take this picture of the sign.  Frankly, a picture is worth a thousand words and just describing it wouldn’t do justice.

This sign makes you wonder was 15 miles per hour just too fast?  Do radars measure in the half mile per hour increments?  Just how do you keep an electronic odometer at this speed?   I might have been speeding a little bit at 15-16 miles an hour because it was just too hard to keep my odometer at 14.  It just seemed wrong. What lawmaker thought that this would be an effective use of resources to make a unique sign versus using one that is a bit more standard?  All of these unanswered questions.

Challenge to Readers

I challenge each of my readers to share with me the most unusual traffic sign you’ve encountered.  Now, let’s collect them and enjoy the laughs we can have when wondering what someone else was thinking to erect these signs.

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