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KimYour limited home time should be spent enjoying your family, friends, and activities you enjoy, NOT doing your bookkeeping! Additionally, at tax time you will be prepared to save money by having your receipts already organized and categorized. Doing this throughout the year ensures you don’t forget about any of your business costs. At your request, we can provide the information directly to your tax preparer or we can prepare your taxes. This will save you time and money!

We provide bookkeeping, guidance, and education for business owners and future business owners. We pride ourselves in helping clients make smarter business financial decisions using accurate data. Services for established businesses include bookkeeping, budgeting, benchmarking, tax preparation, and tax planning.

Our clients enjoy that we are not your typical bookkeeper. While you will receive your statements monthly, our clients enjoy the consultation, guidance, and advice received while we review them. We give you insight into your business during these reviews. Additionally, advice on key benchmark industry data lets you know how you are doing compared to industry averages. Our goal is to see you be better than average!


My wonderful husband, as well as many bank customers, are in the transportation industry and who best to learn from? I have researched extensively into IRP, IFTA, HVUT (FHUT or Road Tax), DOT numbers and MC numbers, how to get your quarterly base plates, titling your vehicle…you get the idea. Did you know that the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles has a special phone line dedicated to motor carriers? I am the Hampton Roads area of Virginia but can service anyone in the country thanks to virtual bookkeeping and internet being nearly everywhere through smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Anyways, my husband started as a company driver many years ago and has heard promises by carriers and owners of home time being better with them. He hopped around various ones, and finally decided ENOUGH…and we started to learn EVERYTHING to make the leap into being an owner-operator. He definitely didn’t understand the finance side of things, but that’s where I came in! Using my knowledge we went from trying to get his first truck financed to getting frustrated with the process and time and ended up just purchasing which means a lot of the stuff a dealership does wasn’t there…insurance, title transfer, plates, inspections…WHEW, we were overwhelmed at the lack of a succinct place to get this information. He said you really should do this and help others. Home Time Business Services was founded shortly thereafter.


My traditional career was in the banking industry from 2001-2017. During that time, I guided and advised business owners and future entrepreneurs in various industries. I have helped countless clients learn how to reconcile bank accounts, taught them tricks to finding errors, and so much more. I can teach you how to get an EIN (and not pay for one), the basics on each business structure and what those mean to you as an owner. Additionally, I have experience with setting up those entities in several states, and am confident the processes are similar in all other states. I have taught courses on various business topics including Financial Management, Risk Management, and Time Management and personal finances such as repairing your credit.

In addition to banking, my first career was in Performance Auditing, in this I analyzed governmental entities and made recommendations to improve economically or improve efficiency in processes. Needless to say, this skill allows me to help others look into their business using benchmarks to compare and best practices of others to improve

If the experience isn’t enough, my formal education ended at a Masters degree in Public Administration with a concentration in budget and finance management from Kent State University. Basically, this means they taught me how to make the major financial statements and how to read and analyze them to improve things. I hold two Bachelors of Science in Political Science and Public Administration. My third would have been in Accounting, but I decided to graduate in 3.5 years versus 4 and save mom and dad some money.

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Want to know how I gained all my success in business and how you can too?  Check out Ben Robinson’s program called Bookkeeper Business Launch. Find out more by registering for his free online course to become a bookkeeping SUPERSTAR. Check out his free intro video series in the above link, where he’ll go over the basics of bookkeeping and what it takes to start your very own bookkeeping business! 

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