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KimMaximize your cherished home time with family, friends, and favorite activities – leave the bookkeeping to us! Being prepared for tax season means having your receipts organized and categorized throughout the year. We can seamlessly hand over your information to your tax preparer or even handle your tax preparation for you, ensuring you’re not only saving time but also money.

At Home Time Business Services, we offer:

  • Comprehensive bookkeeping, grounded in precision and expertise.
  • Tailored guidance and education for both seasoned and budding business owners.
  • Services extending to bookkeeping, budgeting, benchmarking, tax preparation, and tax planning.

Unlike the conventional bookkeeping experience, our approach is consultative. Monthly statements come paired with insightful discussions, offering you a clearer view of your business’s financial landscape. Moreover, we equip you with industry benchmarks to gauge your standing. Our vision? For you to be more than just average.


My invaluable insights into the transportation industry stem from personal connections: my husband and numerous bank customers are active in the field. Over the years, I’ve delved deep into the nuances of IRP, IFTA, HVUT, DOT numbers, MC numbers, vehicle titling, and more.

Based in Hampton Roads, Virginia, I’m equipped to serve clients nationwide, thanks to the wonders of virtual bookkeeping and omnipresent internet connectivity.

Our personal journey from a company driver’s perspective to an owner-operator’s challenges was enlightening. The financial intricacies? That’s where I took charge. Our experiences led to the inception of Home Time Business Services, a beacon for others navigating similar pathways.


My professional journey started in the banking world (2001-2017), advising diverse business personalities. My expertise extends from teaching clients about bank reconciliation and detecting errors to acquiring EINs and understanding different business structures. My knowledge pool encompasses setting up entities across various states and educating on topics like Financial Management, Risk Management, Time Management, and personal financial empowerment.

Earlier, I delved into Performance Auditing, honing skills that now empower businesses to benchmark and adopt best practices for improvement.

For those who value formal education, I boast a Master’s degree in Public Administration (focus on budget and finance management) from Kent State University. This equipped me with the prowess to craft, interpret, and analyze major financial statements. I also hold two Bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and Public Administration.

A Deeper Look Into Kim

Wondering about the cornerstone of my business success? Explore Ben Robinson’s program, Bookkeeper Business Launch. Learn the art of becoming a bookkeeping maestro with his free introductory video series and master the bookkeeping realm!

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