Bookkeeping for your company is a challenge when you’re on the road. We make it easy. You can send an email or upload your company receipts to a secure server. We will enter them into your specific account so that you can see the current financial status of your business in real time.

Keeping your business books is a full-time job and a critical part of your business. We specialize in helping independent truckers and other contractors. Through our accounting company, we use techniques and methods to help you manage your money efficiently and through your earnings. We allow you to keep your eyes on the road and develop your business while giving stress free peace of mind that your business finances and taxes are taken care of.

We are skilled in assisting independent truck drivers with their accounting duties so that they can stay on the road. Our industry experience & expertise gives us an advantage, and more importantly, we won’t surprise you with hidden fees or other add-ons. We deliver our services in transparent, easy plans that will include everything you need.

The sooner you call, the faster we can help you. There is no other name to be trusted for truck drivers than Home Time Business Services.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is the process of estimating future tax liabilities AND enacting strategies to reduce those future expenses. This is an estimated process relying on the accuracy of your bookkeeping which opens up the different possibilities to use the tax code to your advantage. All recommendations are yours to choose which to implement and which not to implement.

Tax Preparation

Tax preparation is the process to look back and determine the tax liabilities based on income and expenses for businesses or personal. There are limited static options at tax preparation to reduce the tax liability.

Home Time Business Services Prepares the following types of returns:

  • 1040 Personal Returns (with Schedule C businesses or Schedule E businesses)
  • 1065 Partnership Returns
  • 1120s Corporation Returns (S-Corp)
  • 1120 Corporation Returns (C-Corp)

We have chosen to focus on business ownership returns and do not offer 990 (non-profit) nor 1041 (Estate and Trust) returns. 

Business Coaching & Counseling

I have been teaching classes similar to this in one to one and conference settings for several years.  Each session is 60-90 minutes in length and can be tailored to your needs and knowledge level.  The coursework is based on the FDIC’s Money Smart Classes and business ones were also developed with the Small Business Administration.  The more courses you would like to delve into, the better the pricing.  I am available to do these one to one or in a group setting.  

Below are available classes.  We can start at the beginning or if you have your business up and running maybe we need to review and start managing your cash flow.  One person, or a group setting – we can customize your classes for your business needs. 


101 – Should I Start a Business?
102 – How do I Start a Business?
103 – Planning for a Healthy Business


201 – Time Management
202 – Financial Management
203 – Risk Management


301 – Tax Planning and Reporting
302 – Selling your Business & Succession Planning
303 – Cash Flow Management

Allow Home Time Business Services to assist you in navigating the complex financial elements of your life. Money Score is a 90-day intensive program designed to help turn the direction of your financial future.

Money Score is a 4 step cycle which you will be taught how to develop your Vision for the future, assess your current Reality, develop a plan and Execute, and leave a Legacy for the future to repeat these steps as your vision and goals change in your lifetime.

Throughout this program, you will be assisted from the beginning to break down the emotional and logical side of spending. We will start with your personal goals and understand your vision. Next, we will make that vision a reality by developing a self-guided plan and walk you through all the steps of making that plan work for you.

Want to visit a safe place to discuss how to gain control over personal and business finances? Click here to join the Money Den Facebook group.

Don’t forget to visit the Money Score Portal!

The 90-day program consists of a client portal with videos and homework to submit prior to your video meetings. There is a Facebook support group of other money guides and participants where you can find all types of gems like how others have saved money or increased their income. You are also encouraged to share your successes and let others cheer you along to your goals.

Home Time Business Services requires those who are in relationships where money is co-mingled to attend the course together. If you are married, and one person isn’t on board with participating, you are setting yourself up for failure and we simply don’t want that to be how we help you.

We make no guarantees for your success, but our personal successes using the program should help to serve as an inspiration to continue and make the choices and changes that you may need to make. You’ll thank us for it after the hard work is done and you see how far you’ve moved your direction in just 90 days.

Contact Home Time Business Services today to get your finances moving in the right direction!

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