Important Tax Dates

Important dates for taxes are found below. MakingTax Dates timely estimates based on accurate data is important to your cash flow and business.  By having accurate, up-to-date information, you can make a better estimate for your taxes.  If you notice, the Quarterly Tax Estimate to the IRS is cumulative of the entire year’s data.   If you have a booming first quarter, but slower second, you may not owe quite as much.  You should always consult with your tax preparer to ensure you are not letting the IRS dig any deeper than required into your pockets.


First Quarter

April 15 (Jan 1- Mar 31) Quarterly Tax Estimate

April 30 (January-March) IFTA Quarterly Payment

Second QuarterTax Dates

June 15 (Jan 1- May 31) Quarterly Tax Estimate

July 31 (April-June) IFTA Quarterly Payment

Third Quarter

August 31 Annual 2290 HVUT due

Sept 15 (Jan 1- Aug 31) Quarterly Tax Estimate

October 31 (July-September) IFTA Quarterly Payment

Fourth Quarter

Jan 15 (for all year) Quarterly Tax Estimate*

January 31 (October-December) IFTA Quarterly Payment


*Note: You do not wait until you file your taxes to make your final quarterly estimated tax payment.  If you owe more than $1000 you may be subject to penalties.


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