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Do What you Love….


self employed owner operator love workOne of the biggest lies of owning your own business per Inc. Magazine is as follows: “Do what you love and the money will follow…. often times, a person’s love for doing something becomes their Achilles heel because instead of running their business, they just focus on delivering the service they enjoy so much, as the business around them crumbles.”


This is one of the reasons I have such a passion for helping business owners!   Sometimes we need the reminder to work ON our business not IN our business.   As a great bookkeeper with a business coach attitude, we can help you to take that harder look into your business and point out places where things might start crumbling first.

NO ONE goes into business to FAIL!   However, many forget that trusted advisers and coaches help more business see success over failure.  You have to make the decisions for your business.  However, a great adviser can help bring to light things you might not have thought about. Additionally, they may put a different perspective on things.

Do what you love, while I do what I love

I LOVE bookkeeping and coaching and know that helping you to succeed and grow will have the money follow.  However, if you only do what you love in your business you can forget about the business side of things easily and allow it crumble before your eyes and not even recognize this is happening.  How many hours a day, week or month are you spending working ON your business?  This means you are focusing on budgets, business plans, growth, marketing, and current and projected financials.  Put your effort into the planning of your business, hire a virtual bookkeeper and CFO to be able to get professional advice for your business.   You don’t need a full-time employee with all those costs for your business!   Home Time Bookkeeping provides these services at a reasonable cost to the small business owner.

What are your business goals?  Could you reach them quicker with a trusted adviser?  My experience tells me that you have dreams of where you would like your business to be in the next year, 5 years, or even 10 years. The problem is you don’t have the plan laid out to achieve them.  Let us help you make that plan. Then we will check in with you on how you are doing towards the plan.  Finally, we give advice on your financial health as to when you may be able to achieve or possible changes you can make today to help achieve your dreams!

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