Scrabble Lessons in Humility


I am bit of a Scrabble Freak. There, I admitted it. If you have been following my posts and watching the pictures, you may have noticed that I like to use the Scrabble tiles. My first job at McDonald’s while in high school gave us each a gift during the holidays. It was a Deluxe Scrabble game, the one with the turn table and hard plastic to place your letters. I still have that game today in my 40s. It has traveled with me through my life. I truly enjoy playing Scrabble either electronically or face to face, although only two of my friends continue to play with me virtually. A few stats based on starting playing in March of 2013 when I switched from Words with Friends to Scrabble. The image on the left is my stats and the right is my fiercest competitor.

She has given me the majority of my losses, but I continue to play against her. Why? Am I a masochist just wanting to lose all the time? NO, I know that she has raised my game and challenges me. There are some things in life that won’t challenge you and some that will. How you decide to deal with these builds your character. I am slowly winning more often, because I have learned from her. I have watched her playing style, learned more 2 letter words, and to make the board look more like a crossword puzzle.

When I first started playing against this fierce competitor, I used to make excuses for my losses. “She must be using a cheat bot.” “She has to be using a dictionary.” I was used to winning, and had an 80% win ratio (I wish I would have screen shot that). I knew I needed to beat her, so I kept playing against her. Today, we talk about it and I tell her she is smarter than me, her reply is, “Actually we are pretty evenly matched.” HUMBLE and SMART!! AGGGGGHHHH! She is the epitome of what I strive to become. Additionally, she is a successful professional, smart, poised, and humble. And finally, she is a leader, even though she wouldn’t admit it.

I have learned that you must surround yourself with smarter, wealthier, more successful people if you want to become smarter, wealthier or more successful. The law of attraction really makes sense. If you are attracting this, you are also repelling the opposite. I know I am not always the smartest, richest, sexiest, whateverist in the room. However, I do know I can learn something from everyone in that room. If you are humble enough to ask, people generally are willing to take the time to help you to learn and grow.

You may have gotten through this story and are wondering, Kim what does this have to do with you doing my books? Well, it isn’t always about bookkeeping, sometimes you have to get to know me. But know that when we work together you will be teaching me something!Scrabble

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